In my mind, I am a bright blonde light dancing and writing my way across Europe. In reality, I am a weathered mom with tired eyes, a year’s worth of ashen roots, and three little boys tugging at my coffee-stained hoodie. Before venturing down this rabbit hole of adulthood, I spent my crazy days studying abroad in England and Australia, saving tips and bottle returns for my next trip. From what I remember, it was amazing.

I have drifted a long way from the free-wheeling seasons of my twenties, and now in my thirties, there are times I feel like a wholly different person…but the wanderlust is still there. It has both healed and broken me over the years. It has introduced me to new ways of thinking and living and loving. It has left me empty and sobbing in the quiet of the night with my kids asleep beside me, my husband snoring contentedly. It is my source of confidence and shame, and it is unrelenting.

A stay-at-home mom, I now feed and scold and cuddle a crazy tribe of man-boys (husband included) from sunrise to long past sunset. As our young family grows, my need to escape the walls of our lovely yet sometimes suffocating home grows, and not many weeks pass before I am planning our next chaotic adventure or taking off on a last-minute road trip. These journeys have allowed me to adjust to the demands of motherhood without losing sight of my own independence, and for that, I am grateful and exhausted.

This space is an outlet for that bright blonde siren who is still in there somewhere. She is calling to you, inviting you to come along…or better yet, set off on an adventure of your own.



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